Questions plague the mind.

Doubts and second guesses,

come and blur the senses.

We can’t predict, 

the future we cannot see.

Any path is full of heartbreak,

but also unmeasurable blessings.

Sweet Memories


Gentle drops of sweet memories

come pouring down my opened eye.

My heart disarms as melting ice,

“It is love”, says a whisper in my ear,

but your touch I might not feel so near.

Yet, your kiss in my lips left a smear,

for your love in my heart left a seal.

Your words of love still linger in my soul,

and your heart I call my own.

At times tears blur the sweet memories,

and my heart sinks inside our reveries.

Within the wind I hear your voice,

through the waves I sense your embrace,

for your love I made a choice,

to allow the waves our hearts enlace.