The thunder, troubles and love.

A storm in the heart with no cost.

A life pleads for liberation from a dove.

A mind in a maze and lost.

The glass scatters when broken.

The ears cover up from the thunder,

that came from a hidden locket,

right there to the side and under.

Sleepy, lost and driven mad.

Is the outcome of this lad,

who is tested till at last,

he finds the message of the cast.

Sweetly given, soft and dense.

To the bottom of his sense,

which is hidden with a lense,

and his love finally becomes intense.

photo by : veeterzy


Courage was born through pain,

when the heart opened its gates.

It may have begun in the catalyst of fear,

but love inevitably grew from a smear,

and a warrior within you steadily began to appear.

Photo: @ban_yido

Your warmth

The warmth of your voice traveled through my veins and tightened up the chains.

The warmth of your hands remained imprinted in my skin and reminded me of where you’ve been.

The warmth of your gaze burned through my optical nerves and a picture of you my brain preserves.

The warmth that once existed now has chilled and the pieces of my being I’ve continued to rebuild.