Just Me

I have written poetry throughout my life.  Since I was a child. But, this will be my first step in externalizing my creativity and giving it my name.  All poetry in my blog is based on real life moments and stages (both past and present).

I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and then moved with my family to the flavorful city of Miami, FL.  I grew up within two different cultures.  Yet art and creativity are crucial for the soul of the people living within both cultures.  The variety in food, music, the vibrant colors, art, performing arts and dancing were all truly part of every day life.

My inspiration comes from my upbringing, influenced by both cultural and spiritual aspects.  I reflect my personality (INFP/4), my temperament (phlegmatic/melancholic), my culture, life experiences and my spiritual walk and growth within my poems.

My life has definitely been a journey.

So, welcome to my journey.

Hope my poems embark you on a journey of memories, moments and spaces

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