The sky is the ocean,

as I walk the streets of paradise,

stepping on the memory stars,

of the happy moments we enticed.

Through the glistening in the corner of my eye,

I saw your reflection.

Yet when I turned your direction,

I only found a mirror,

and not your location.

I searched for you, but only

found my image.

Looking back at me

dressed in vintage.

I slightly turned and

found another mirror,

and there you were,

my eternal steerer.

My smile opened up,

more memory stars,

for us to step on,

side by side.

||Cowritten with my other half lol, as we drove to the mall. What do you think?||

I Never Felt Alone 

Forsaken is a word from which I fear provocation.

I have found it’s place of initiation.

It crawls into my heart and surpasses good intentions.

When can I find my exoneration?

When my eyes slowly open, it al seems dark.

I uncover my ears, and anticipate to hear

the music elapsing by my ear.

Yet, to this music I can’t seem to dance with cheer.

Where did your rhythm go?

Now, all I hear is the rhythm of my heart.

Which remembers you in my life,

and now I long to hear the sounds from your heart.

How could you just be taken away?

Away from my ears and my abandoned heart.

I won’t forget the sound of your heart.

It was soft but firm, slow but strong.

It never grew old, on your rhythm I leaned on.

It never left me, I never felt alone.